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At this moment realize or not, second year in IIUM is leaving me. Open and close, open and close our eyes that time must come true. Time to finish studying in IIUM soon. Tomorrow will begin my first paper for final examination in second semester. It will ensure my CGPA achievement for this semester and absolutely I was expected more than I can do. Achievement that will give happiness to others, the people who convince me to do it for myself in surviving the world. They were sacrificed with the variety of sacrifices to success my life.

Who are they actually? Who are they exactly? All people over the world know who give them variety of wonderful life and that was our dad and mom. It’s hard to say their sacrifice and kindness will repay. What we can do and what we suppose to do is study hard and gives them our successful. InsyaAllah. I very hope this semester my pointer will increase and getting well insyaAllah. Wish me luck!

3rd April 2009 = Fiqh Ibadah I. 9.00 AM

7 April 2009 = Mabahith al-hukum. 9.00 AM

8 April 2009 = Quranic Propethic Text. 3.00 PM

13 April 2009 = Fiqh Mawarith. 9.00 AM

14 April 2009 = Adilatul Ahkam. 3.00 PM.

Pray for my success!

اللهم اجعلنا من الناجحين والفائزين واجعلنا من الصالحين. اللهم آمين...



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