2nd Day


activities with orphans

Masjid Darul Aman

shopping...hang around


  • Visit Darul Ma'wa...orphanage. 
  • Visit Masjid Darul Aman...learn how to manage masjid in professional ways, the ways and methods to attract teenagers come to masjid. Mostly, masjid staffs' or muwazzaf have been taken from fresh graduate among degree students who has qualification. Ideas from them base on what they have practice in university. Using technology nowadays such as social applications like facebook, sms to spread activity that will be conducted. Different in Malaysia, most of the muwazzaf among the elderly. So, we can differentiate. Thus, we should be improve the management of masjid in Malaysia because masjid is not just place for praying only. 
  • Shopping at Mustafa Center like Mydin in Malaysia.
  • BBQ with Masjid al-Huda staffs.



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