Gaza after war


       "In the name of Allah, the most Merciful and Graceful"
          What's the story now with the Palestin. Media have reported the story a bit less about it. Many more new issues to the swine flue. Glance only arise when there is war. Besmearing blood on the earth Palestin. Sacrifice many lives. The world is angry. Millions to extend the hand want to help. Boycott campaign it here. Unfortunately, these situations only in season. This issue will fresh back when Israel attack. So what news of our friends there. Follow a story from this source can be trusted. 
          The attack from Israel to Gaza three months ago killed thousands of Palestine and destroyed thousands of homes. After three months, the people of Gaza are still waiting to be used to build back their homes. However, efforts urged Israel to loosen up obstruction Gaza has not become a reality due to distinction between the views of the rule of Hamas and Fatah who is in power in Tebing Barat. However, one of the Palestine and his name is Jihad. Jihad said, give this impasse is a new idea. Unlike cement and iron, clay easily obtained in the Gaza. In fact, the neighbours who pay a visit home two rooms feel the idea is very spirited, and will mimic the houses built for them. "We have no other choice. Cement will not send here when still continuing in split leadership," he said base to the postponement of the unification talks to Palestine mid this month. "There are people who want to perform marriage, there is also the wish to build their original residence. My advice built their house in order with the clay and not waiting," he said of using wood and rope nylon as roof. Residence of brick-red stone as a result of the burned wood and roof already built in the old West and China, but very rarely found in the Middle East and Palestin. 
        Communities in the region are more likely to use concrete blocks or cement. Regardless, Jihad in his success only happy shopping RM 10,800.00 "It was consist of clay and will cool in the summer and heat in the cool season." Peninsula in northern Gaza, in the months, destroyed thousands of homes of the Israeli forces in the shelter population tent placed debris in the area their home. World RM14 million promised assistance to build the Gaza on the Peninsula in January, but the Gaza power states, the restoration work can not be implemented so that Israel open the border gates. However, the opportunity to see the effect he may not be true as long as Hamas leaders and President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah still fighting. Hamas when Israel recognizes reluctant Fatah also eager implement peace agreements with the Jewish state and the State development of Palestine. 
        Since Hamas over Gaza in 2007 after the safety of troops drive out Fatah, Israel and implement obstruction full cement and prevent delivery of iron to the region because of Hamas claims that it is used to produce weapons. "There is no guidance, and he held only a pretext. All that we hear only excuse and everyone makes a promise. 
           "Fact, we live without the perfect home since four months ago and did not see any work-work to recover better run," said Nabil Abed Rabbo living drifting helplessly together 34 experts’ family. He participated other family experts claim that this settled before the concrete building and four three-level is now forced to sleep in the evenly and there is also that you can rent a house. Aesha Abed Rabbo, 65, said he lost 15 families attacked by Israel. "There is no who came to help us whether Arab or foreign nation." Entrance remained closed and no cement or iron sent to Gaza, "he said. In Rafah, Nidal Eid help workers build the house of stone rather than clay is cut from the clay dried several days. The wet clays replacing the cement to brick knit that. "I am now building a two rooms house complete with kitchen and water closet. "When ready, I will begin constructing the building for 10 families who ask me to help build their homes," he said.
            We pray to Allah that assistant from Him will help our friends in Palestin though thousand of promises by world resident to help them will not entertain. Contributions from other government over the world, Non government organization never reach to them because spilled on the roads. Nauzubillah. 

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